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The #NoFilter Selfie

When was the last time you posted a “selfie” without a filter ?

"But first....let me take a selfie"

I looked through my Instagram posts and I could not find one of myself. Then I looked through my phone gallery and there were hundreds (well, maybe not hundreds), but there were quite a few.

Apparently, there are 1 million selfies taken globally each day and we are now classed as the selfie generation.

I can’t help but wonder, how many of the million selfies are the truest reflection of us? How many of those million selfies are unfiltered, un-tweaked and untouched?

We allow people to see the pretty parts of our lives, the parts with a smiling baby, a loving partner, a nicely laid weave and fresh outfits, but we omit the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this- if you check my feed, you’ll know I’m extremely guilty of this. But, I do think there’s a problem when our whole lives become a ‘filtered selfie’. And by that, I mean we constantly present to the world, a filtered version of ourselves.

The more we ‘touch up’ or tweak our personal values, our morals and our faith, to look good for society, the less we look like ourselves. So many of us get so caught up in trying to be something or someone else, which is an exhausting way to live.

Talking from a faith perspective, maybe you’ve watered down what Christianity is about just to fit in, or maybe you’ve bent some of the rules just to make it that much ‘cooler’. We are essentially altering our selfies so much and investing all our time smoothing over all the lines, until we lose all the detail.

My challenge to you, is to ask yourself, - who has God created you to be?

Once you’ve answered it, just be that person! And maybe post an unfiltered selfie or two ;)

Lots of love Michelle @ Patel to Paper xx

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