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New Year, New Me ??

How many times did you go through the routine of starting and stopping last year?

"This year I am going to start ....", "2018 is the year of...."

Do you remember your New Years resolutions for 2017? Maybe it was ‘ this year I am gonna go ham in the gym!’ Or maybe it was ‘ I’m going to get closer to God; read my bible and pray everyday...’ whether it was spiritually motivated or physical, the majority of us started the year saying ‘New Year, New Me’- and by that we mean we are going to start doing all the things we’ve been putting off for so long.

We end each year looking forward to the next one in the hopes that it will bring new accomplishments, once Christmas is over and Boxing Day hits we begin to ‘bow-out’ on the year so far, we wind down at work and get that little bit more relaxed.

I found myself saying, " in 2018 I am really going to try to pursue God more"... and then I asked myself what is stopping me from pursuing Him right here, right now, TODAY.

We shouldn't spend our lives waiting for a new year to elapse before we are inspired to achieve. Let's stop living our lives waiting for tomorrow, tomorrow doesn’t necessarily come for everyone. So if you're here today, do things today. Let’s see beyond ‘new year, new me’ and live our lives saying ‘new day, new me’ , ‘new Minute, new me’.

Let’s be present and cease opportunities today!

So cheers to 2018 and to also every single new day that we see.

Lots of love Michelle @ Patel to Paper xx

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